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Mindi is a pastor, clergy spouse, and mom of a child with autism. Mindi blogs at Rev-o-lution in which she creates weekly worship resources. She has also been a retreat leader and keynote speaker. She also blogs regularly at [D]mergent as a contributing author on the church and society.




Clerical HeadshotDanáe is an Episcopal priest working on becoming a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She is married to the most remarkable person she has ever met: Henry, a professional musician who is on the Autism Spectrum (for an idea of how one man has turned his ASD gifts into a successful and fulfilling life, you can check out Henry’s website). They both serve their dog, Miss Alvie Anne, with complete devotion.

Danáe’s interest in autism is personal and professional, stemming from her experience with her husband and also her work as an intern at the Autism Society of Minnesota. You can learn more about her at Soul Spa Seattle.

Dwight Welch serves as a Unitdwed Church of Christ pastor in Norman OK. He’s married to Jim Reindollar and has two children or what some refer to as cats, Adler and Annie. Dwight’s interest in autism started with his work as an intern for a church during seminary where he worked with a child on the spectrum. He has since been involved in adult Asperger groups in Indianapolis and Norman OK. He believes autism may be an untapped gift and resource for the church, if the church seeks inclusion, for pastors and lay people on the spectrum. He is a regular contributor to the blog Approaching Justice


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